• Italian F1 Professional Pizza Oven P134H

Italian F1 Professional Pizza Oven P134H

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Model : P134H

High performance, reduced dimensions and reduced consumption: these are the main features of the P134H, your professional oven for every need!

The professional oven P134H can contain a pizza, which is cooked on a totally certified refractory stone. In addition, the internal chamber is distinguished by the presence of a halogen lamp for effective lighting. Other elements that characterize the oven are the two 450° thermostats: the mechanism of the device provides separate control of the sky and the sole, so as to make the pizza cooking process easier.

This professional oven, also suitable for domestic use, is ideal for pizza preparation even NAPOLETANA and is not difficult to move from one room to another, considering that its net weight is 22 kg, thanks also at very small dimensions.

Among the materials used for the construction of the P134H we have the stainless steel, used for the cooking chamber, for the external covering and for the knobs. The external plate of the door and the intermediate one are made of tempered glass, while inside the ceramic glass has been used. 

In any case, these are strengthened materials through specific processes and, therefore, capable of adequately resisting very high temperatures. In addition, the external coating is kept cold during cooking by forced ventilation and is provided with a specific seal for the soft stop of the door.

Electric Power Supply Volt 230/50-60Hz

External dimensions:  54 X 59 X 27 cm

Inner dimensions:  35 X 41 X 9 cm

Levels:  1

Net Weight:  22 kg

Nr pizza:  1

One pizza size cm:  34 cm

Power:  2.8 kw

Temperature Max:  450° C

Thermostats:  2x450° C

•Made in Italy

•Mechanical control system

•All stainless steel

•Specialized refractory stone for baking

•Timer and two 450°thermostats

•3 layers glass door 

•External and middle are Tempered glass,inside is Ceramic glass

•Heat up to 450°only takes 11 minutes