• Famag Spiral Dough Mixer TIM-10S
  • Famag Spiral Dough Mixer TIM-10S
  • Famag Spiral Dough Mixer TIM-10S
  • Famag Spiral Dough Mixer TIM-10S
  • Famag Spiral Dough Mixer TIM-10S
  • Famag Spiral Dough Mixer TIM-10S
  • Famag Spiral Dough Mixer TIM-10S
  • Famag Spiral Dough Mixer TIM-10S
  • Famag Spiral Dough Mixer TIM-10S
  • Famag Spiral Dough Mixer TIM-10S

Famag Spiral Dough Mixer TIM-10S

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Model : TIM-10S

If the Italians don't already say "It's the cat's pajamas" we think they'll start soon, just to describe their Famag mixers. These Italian-made spiral dough mixers are world renowned for strength, quality, and exceptional baking results. And now they’re available in Taiwan for the first time, with industrial duty motors designed specifically forTaiwan voltage. As Famag's exclusive Taiwan importer, PHG is proud to offer these high performance dough-making marvels! You'll call them the bee's knees and the cat's whiskers because they make the smoothest, silkiest dough you've likely ever seen—quickly and effortlessly, and in your kitchen.

Designed expressly for ideal dough mixing and kneading results, Famag mixers feature a spiral kneading arm that rotates while the bowl revolves, bringing the dough to the stainless steel dough hook with each revolution. An integrated breaker bar ensures ideal metering of the dough into the spiral hook. This three-way kneading process is exceptionally thorough and fast, yet the low impact and widely distributed dough contact of the spiral hook completely avoids overworking and overheating of the dough. Wide-range, infinitely variable speed adjustment lets you dial in precisely the action you want.

“This machine is incredible, my pizza dough has never been so smooth and silky. The variable speed works well even with high hydration dough, it blends everything together effortlessly. If you ever considered this mixer, stop right now, buy it, it’s worth every penny.”

– James B., QC


The Famag TIM-10S mixer is available with either a tilting head that features a high lift drive and lift assist, or with a fixed head. The model with the fixed head is the TIM-10S, and the model with the tilting head and removeable bowl is the TIM-10S. The bowl is removable on the mixer with a tilting head, and is not removable on the mixer with a fixed head.

If you're mixing high hydration doughs we recommend you purchase the tilting head/removable bowl mixer so it's easier to remove the dough from the bowl, and to clean the bowl. It's easy to remove low hydration dough from the fixed head mixer than it is to remove high hdyration dough, and cleaning the bowl after mixing low hydration dough is easily done with the bowl attached to the mixer.

The tilting head mixer is available in all the color options. The fixed head mixer is currently available in Arctic White, Ruby, Maraschino, Charcoal, Dark Silver and Marina (we may add more colors in the future).


Thanks to the spiral hook’s action, mixtures that overtax other designs—such as pizza or bagel dough—are handled easily, quickly and efficiently in the Famag spiral dough mixer. Doughs of all kinds, from heavy to high-hydration artisan doughs, come out smooth, silky and perfectly developed.

Famag mixers feature a heavy duty chain overhead drive with a high torque dual-belt final drive. FAG sealed industrial ball bearings are used for exceptionally long life. Construction is robust throughout, as reflected by the substantial 36kg(78.5lb). weight of the TIM-10S. Epoxy powder coating over a steel cabinet protects the handsome appearance of your Famag mixer.


Famag's TIM-10S mixes and kneads up to 10 kg of dough at 60% hydration (or more at a higher hydration), but also handles batches as small as 1.5 kg equally as well. In terms of flour capacity, this is 6.3kg down to as little as 1 kg of flour. Capacity of the stainless steel bowl is13.2L. The Famag's head section lifts high for bowl access and removal, and features lift-assist. 


Whether you’re a commercial user or a dedicated home baking enthusiast who appreciates old-world quality, Famag offers exceptional value as well as performance. While being competitively priced, Famag mixers are built by a company committed to higher standards—a commitment backed by a three year warranty covering both home and commercial use!

As a gourmet chef, the Famag TIM-10S spiral dough mixer will quickly establish itself as your trusted culinary partner at home or at work. Order yours today and see just how much mixer you’ve been missing.


Bowl Capacity 10kg

Bowl Dimensions (Inside dia. x H) 28 x 22cm

Bowl Weight 2kg

Dough Capacity 1.5 to 10 kg

Flour Capacity 1 to 6.3 kg

Water Capacity 0.5 to 3.8 L

Industrial Motor  110V, 400W, 0.75PH

Dimensions: Head Down (W x D x H) 55 x 31 x 43cm

Dimensions: Head Up (W x D x H)  58.42 x 27.3 x 72.4cm

Removable Bowl Optional

Kneading Arm Lifts Up Optional

Weight 36kg

Lowest Speed Hook 80 RPM, Bowl 8 RPM

Highest Speed Hook 240 RPM, Bowl 24 RPM

Speed Control Infinitely variable

Warranty 2years

•Spiral mixing action

•Gentle, low-oxidation kneading

•Doesn't heat dough

•Integrated dough breaker bar

•Power rotating bow

•13.2L capacity

•Wide 1.5 to 10 kg( 3.3 to 22 lb) batch range

•High lift drive head with lift assist or fixed head

•High torque industrial motor

•Stainless food-contact parts

•Infinite variable speed

•Durable powder coat finishes

•Quiet operation

•Plugs into 110V(220V) home outlet

•Made in Italy

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